Looking for a front hinged security door that also provides privacy in Perth?

Privacy doors in the past required a Grille with Privacy mesh behind it, we now have OUTLOOK RV MESH which is an expanded aluminium mesh that is manufactured to provide Security, Privacy and Visibility from inside out!
Now you can have your front door open securely, privately and allow the breeze to flow through.


  • Security rated to the Australian standards
  • Made from 6063 aluminium
  • 3 point locking as standard
  • Self closing (hinged doors)
  • Subframe compatible

The below example has been taken from the showroom, when the door is placed at the perimeter of the house (eg front door) the privacy is much more. This is due to the difference in lighting.

How much do security doors in Perth cost?

Viewing from inside…

Note at this stage this product is only available for standard size front doors and double doors (including cat/kitten configurations).
Note the amount of privacy achieved is always dependent on lighting situations and generally is classed as “day-time privacy”