Alarm systems

We now offer high quality Security Alarm Systems in and around Perth WA, our systems are robust and host an array of solid features.

Securing your home requires a multi-layer approach and an alarm is the final layer. If someone does get into your home or office our alarms will detect them and notify yourself or a monitoring station.
Alarms come in an array of makes and quality, as with all our products we select the best in both quality, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Alarms have come a long way from just making a lot of noise!

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Perimeter Alarm

Just some of the features that we can offer.

  • Partial arming to allow movement in designated areas.
  • Panic button, this can also be carried anywhere in your home.
  • Pet sensors to reduce false alarms when pets are left inside.
  • Smoke detectors linked to sirens and strobes.
  • Notification & remote control of your alarm via smart phone.