Crime Statistics for Perth Metro Area 2010 to Jan 2015

Dwelling Burglary Statistics Metro Area

At least its not going up, well that’s according to WA Police statistics. This statistics show dwelling burglaries from 2010 to Jan 2015 in the Perth Metro area. Total burglaries for the year are down and this year is off to a good (if you can call it good) start with the lowest in January since 2010 at least.
Crime Stats 2010 to jan 2015













Information collated from WA Police resources and collated by KNA Security

A few tips to keep you and your home secure.
Make sure you lock up when you leave or go to bed, sounds like an obvious tip but majority of home invasions are through OPEN windows and doors. LOCK UP!
When not home make it seem someone could be home, this doesn’t mean going out and leaving the radio blasting, that is almost a red flag to burglars. Timer switches are great as you can switch on and off lights that would be used at certain times of the day. If going away for any length of time have someone you trust to collect the mail and put out the bins etc. Have someone park on your driveway, its the little things that make it not so obvious.

Also use a key to deadlock all doors and windows.

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