Christmas & Summer burglary Increase in WA

Peak period is here for burglaries in Australia.

Christmas and Summer bring a lot of good and happiness, it is also the PEAK season for burglaries in Australia.
Christmas burglarys
These statistics show the dwelling burglaries in the Perth metro area between Jan’10 and Jun’14.

Crime Stats

Compiled from 2010-2014 from WA Police sources

These stats show dwelling burglaries in the Perth metro area between Jul’12 and Jun’14.


We think this is due to more people being outside with homes ripe for the picking and also a knowing there will be new items in homes during and after Christmas.

If you are going out for the day or night, make sure you lock up!

If you are going away for a length of time  make sure you make your home look inhabited by using timer switches, having neighbours put your bins out, having someone regularly check your mail and even have neighbours park on your drive.
Dont leave radios or lights on 24/7 as this almost guarantees no one is home.
Be careful of what you post to social media.

The majority of burglars are opportunists, an open door or window is giving them that opportunity. Be sure to lock up during the day as well as the night, daytime is when we find most burglaries are occurring.

We are hearing the stories…
“I only went to pick the kids up and when I got back my house was ran-sacked”
“I was in the backyard and someone came through my ensuite window”
“We came back from the shops to find this! now I just want to move”

Fact: Two thirds of break-ins occur through an open window or door.

Your friends and neighbours are your best defence against home invasions.
Share this tip, it might prevent an opportunist break-in for someone you know.

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Follow some simple strategies and enjoy your Christmas and New Year. 🙂

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